Monday, May 15, 2006

Unnecessary Secrecy

I have a tough time with the Bush administration's position that they cannot discuss some of these things - for example, to change the laws so they would be in compliance - because it would help the terrorists. This article makes it clear why and how the law should be changed, without revealing anything that isn't common knowledge.

Another example is the leaked story about the CIA secret prisons. How does that story help the terrorists? What will they do differently now that they know about the prisons? Maybe they will worry that someone they thought was dead, is actually being interrogated, and so they need to change their plans? Wouldn't they do that anyway if someone is simply missing, and they could not confirm the death? I think the only reasons the prisons are secret is because the administration does not want US - the American people - to know about them - because WE might change what we do - like vote differently.

On the other hand - I doubt that a Democratic administration would act any differently - do anything differently in terms of spying - because THEY don't want to be blamed for a terrorist attack.


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