Thursday, August 11, 2005

Information Organizers - Keynote - security of your data

Walt Mossberg writes a column in the Wall Street Journal - a recent story talked about information organizers.

If this interestes you, you might want to take a look at Keynote. It's a free organizer from Tranglos Software. I converted from Info Select because I got tired of paying $50/year for their software subscription. Both IS and Keynote had a couple of key security features I considered critical. Both allow for password protection of the information. More importantly, if you use a laptop that might get lost or any kind of shared PC environment, they automatically CLOSE the file after a specified idle time. This forces re-entry of the master password. I keep credit card numbers (along with lots of other info) in my organizer, so I want to maximize security of that info.You should consider these issues before putting identity info into an organizer.

I have also started using Splash-ID (a Palm utility with a desktop component) for this kind of information - this way, I can have strong passwords on web sites, etc, and access them at home (using Firefox's password memorization feature) but also access them away from home, using the same info stored in my Palm Treo phone.


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